Naturally functional materials

Water and dirt repellent Finnish lambswool

We use domestic wool as the main material for our wool products due to its ecological and ethical properties. The Finnish sheep breed is closer to wild sheep than most cultivated sheep breeds, which can be seen in the quality of the wool. It is also the best in terms of its ecology. Moreover, it has a pleasant and soft touch and is airy to wear. Bonden's wool still contains natural grease, lanolin, which has a significant effect on wool's natural characteristics such as water and dirt repellency. This means that the textiles are both dirt and water resistant and that there is no need to use textiles treated with fire-retardant coatings that contain harmful chemicals. Expensive lanolin extracted from wool is typically used in the cosmetics industry in larger production volumes.

Linen - a luxurious material with good thermal conductivity and beautiful shine

Linen is an antibacterial and breathable material suitable for year-round use. No wonder that the world's best hotels use linen beddings to ensure a high-quality sleep. Linen has excellent thermal conductivity which helps to keep you cool in warmer months and provides warmth in colder months. Linen is also a very durable material, which ensures that products made from it last for a long time. Furthermore, as a natural material, linen does not cause allergic reactions, making it beneficial for those with allergies or sensitive skin. This makes linen a useful material in treating a range of allergic disorders. Linen can also absorb 20% of its weight in moisture that makes it to dry fast. It's not surprising that the top-quality sauna and bath products in Finland are traditionally crafted using 100% linen.

Material combinations that just belong together

Our products possess unique original properties of materials that make them a perfect fit for naturally functional interiors. By considering the technical characteristics of materials, such as the poor conductivity of linen, it can help remove static electricity from wool. In winter, linen sheets paired with a woolen blanket provide ideal breathability for bedding. Linen and Finnish lambswool are materials that just belong together, contrasting and complementing each others.

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