Bonden at Schirin's home in Bremen

Bonden at Schirin's home in Bremen

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photos Schirin / Schmasonnen

I had a chance to visit the home of German blogger, Schirin / Schmasonnen​ in Bremen. Schirin and her husband have made a beautiful home, which is a sophisticated dialog between using natural materials and decorating with an unclomplicated and ageless style. Their home was truly decorated to be a sustainable with a sense of wellness. Despite of the shifting trends - homes of this kind will always be tempting and homy.

Discusssions with Schirin was an immidate understading the idea of design from both sides: timeless, uncloplicated and ecological. I really hope Bonden products could find more this kind of homes with such a beautiful care and understaning.

Read more about Shirin's soft minimalism lifestyle and her decorating tips on Schmasonnen-blog