Space of Mind + Bonden collaboration

Space of Mind + Bonden collaboration

Photos: Unto Rautio

In small spaces every detail must find its purpose. Then daily rituals become more important than in the interiors of a bigger space. Nyanses apply more meaningful: how we prefer to dry our skin or what kind of fabrics we most enjoy sleeping in.

Space of Mind is a wooden modular micro-cabin which enables both remote work and nearby travel. The 9m2 cabin transforms for example into a bedroom, gym, office space or even into a sauna, thanks to its modular features. At the best Space of Mind cabin offers a retreat where you can connect with nature with your every sense. Space of Mind received The Life Enhancer of the Year 2022 prize from the Wallpaper magazine.

Bonden has created a Wellness collection for the interior materials of the cabins at the Fiskars Design biennale. The collection draws its inspiration from connection to nature, which is also an important theme for the design team of Space of Mind. The earthy textiles and shades that make up the space are inspired by the local land and its organic elements. Finnish lambswool and natural dyed linen melt attractively into contemporary wooden interiors of Space of Mind.

Bonden’s founder Kati Hienonen shares thoughts behind her design below: Like a visit to a diverse forest lifts our wellbeing, the same can be achieved at home by investing in authentic and natural materials. Bonden’s textiles work best as a tool to activate the connection to nature indoors. The structure and texture of our materials stimulate our sense of touch. The sense, which is not often considered in the design of synthetic textiles. The scent of real, local materials brings back memories and connects us to a wider surrounding environment. The serene functionality activating multiple senses brings wellbeing, safety and peace of mind to people living in today’s technology centred world.

More about Bonden design thinking on the video made by Studio Puisto Architects (text in Japanese).